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First Friday Book Synopsis

In the writing skills course that we teach at Creative Communication Network, entitled Write Your Way to Success, we discuss how to handle e-Mails.

Most of our participants claim they write e-Mails as more than 85% of the type of writing they do on the job.

Obviously, writing e-Mails is often responding to other e-Mails.

And, the question is, do you control e-Mail, or does e-Mail control you?

Do you remember the Southwest Airlines commercials a few years ago, where a woman dropped a cake because she heard a “bing” on her computer, announcing an e-Mail?  Or the one where the guy jumped over a cube wall to get to his e-Mail?  They were exaggerated events, but not too far from reality.

You likely remember the synopsis of the book that I presented at our First Friday Book Synopsis entitled The Tyranny of e-Mailby John Freeman (Scribner, 2009).  In that book, he…

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10 Business tips to make your voiceover client say I Love You

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10 Business tips to make your voiceover client say I Love You.

The only way to deal with conflict is to listen to one another and empathise: Thomas J DeLong

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A Microsoft Turnaround in the Making: Ballmer Gets Religion – Forbes

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Continuous support with microfinancing

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During the last weeks I had made some additional deposits on Kiva to help people all over the world geeting loans for different purposes.

Funding a loan might take some time till all shares are collected. When this has been accomplished you will get a messages of the Kiva team as in the below example:

This is an update on your loan to Nyakagezi Gamba Nokora Group in Uganda.

Thanks to you and 90 other Kiva Lenders, the $2,475.00 loan request in Uganda has been 100% funded.

This loan will be used for the purpose of: to purchase high grade manure for his farm.

Over the 9 months of this loan, Kiva’s Field Partner in Uganda, Pearl Microfinance Limited, will be collecting repayments from this entrepreneur and posting progress updates on the Kiva website.

Thanks for lending to the world’s working poor on Kiva!

So I am quite happy now that all the money I have made available has found its way to help people.

You’ll find my activities on Kiva under http://kiva.org/invitedby/wake4jake1672.

Kiva and Empire Avenue

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Kiva and Empire Avenue.

New Themes: Modern News and Dusk to Dawn

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New Themes: Modern News and Dusk to Dawn Today, our ever-growing collection of themes grows by not one, but two with the addition of Modern News and Dusk To Dawn. If your blog is news-oriented (or if you're ripe to start a news blog), then Modern News, a new premium theme from StudioPress, is a great choice. Bright and stylish, Modern News offers six layout options, seven color schemes, a tabbed sidebar, and many more features. Get the full scoop on the Theme Showcase and purchase it as … Read More

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