Employees First, Customers SecondEmployees First, Customers Second by Vineet Nayar
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A very good book about changing a company. And changing it to a high performance company. The title is provocative as every manager is usally thinking “customer first” and everything else is secondary.

The approach here is clearly driven by the fact of being a service and IT company, and that every value is generated in the front line at the employees. This is called value zone in the book. The empowerment of the employees – which does not mean having pizza parties each Friday and automation of higher salaries – is to the greatest possible extent a matter of trust, openness and good communication. Which leads also to a good ranking as a favorite employer. It is very amazing how the trust and communication problems are solved with this model.

The story of this change starts at the declining point of the company and depicts all the thoughts of the author (and others) that lead to that model, including all the “No’s” and “Yes, but ..” objections. In the end the normal organizational hierarchy is inverted when it comes to how employees are influenced and how decisions are made. The success of the company (HCLT) speaks for itself. The term EFCS is an acronym now for success.

Recommended reading for managers.

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