Sometimes I am re-reading some older articles with certain subjects depending where my current focus lies. This time I digged out a 2007 article on company growth and how to increase global presence.

That time is – as we know now – more or less in the mid between the 1st internet turn down crisis and the financial crisis of the latest years. And thus, we find the same challenges here, as we have it right now, after many of us have recovered from the latest crisis.

I was astonishhed about the fact that 25% of companies were predicted to disappear in the observed decade, and only one third would stay intact. Obviously, we are in the mid of this period, now. So it’s not yet over, and this article gives insights which are the facts that will influence this. Especially the 7 topics at the end of this article are some kind of deja-vu for me.

Recommended reading:

“Achieving Full Potential: How Companies Can Increase their Global Presence”