Time by time I am rereading articles which I have read a long time ago, but which had a certain value for me. And indeeed, when rereading those articles, it seems, that not so much has changed in the world of soft skills and leadership. So, these articles have still their values. Here is one.

Dating back to 2007, another #Management and #Leadership article, I have currently reread, covers some thoughts on one’s self awareness and hiding weaknesses or not.

”.. many of us operate on the belief that we must appear as though we know everything all the time or else people will question our abilities, diminishing our effectiveness as leaders.”

The full article, written by Chris Musselwhite, is foundherehttp://www.inc.com/resources/leadership/articles/20071001/musselwhite.html

I really enjoyed reading this, again, especially the parts on ”Originators.” and “Conservers.”, reflecting my own experiences in my businessLife.